Tuesday, May 12, 2009


On Friday, we went to our sons Spring concert at school.
He was a little bee! So cute!
He was not mad at all because we took this picture. He was such a happy little bee.
I just love seeing the little one's in plays and concerts.Then we came home and I thought I would finish my website. I only have a few pictures to adjust and wa la...done! Now I can tell everyone to take a peek and tell me what they think. I did a few and thought I could just finish them up the next morning. No big deal.
Saturday morning is here. What a great day! Sun shinning, kids all happy and playing nice together. Hubby out in "Man's Garage" fixin' something. House to myself. Quiet.
Let's just take a looksy at the website and get it done once and for all so tomorrow I will not have to worry about this and I can relax and enjoy my day!
Ok, www.klaykisses.com. .......what the heck.....I did not type London Bridge......lets try again (ya just never know - it's early)
www.klaykisses.com.......London Brige......Give me a break....come on fingers....work......www.klaykisses.com.......ok..I give, you win.....Phone call....what the heck is going on?....I think something is wrong with my site....Yup...sure enough....crash-a-roni! All that hard work....Not smart enough to back it up once in awhile cuz I will wait until I am ALL DONE to do that...
Now I am back in bed, bawling my eyes out. Hubby com
es in to make sure I am diligently working on my site and getting it done. What the heck...no one on computer...no one cleaning...no one doing laundry or making a meal...
He comes into the bawling room to find me hiding under the covers and sobbing. Being the most wonderful husband in the world...Well, hunny, what do you think went wrong? Did you do something wrong to it? It's ok. Just call the guy for your site and tell him you need the "back-up copy uploaded. Nothing to cry about....
Well...darling husband...your wife was not smart enough for a thing called "back-up". She had faith in her site and nothing could ever happen. She was almost done. At the home stretch. Back-up? Who needs to do that? Not until your done and everything is perfect. Dah!

Saturday bad....Sunday will be good...

Last week we had a friend come over and spray our lawn for all those nasty weeds. They grow faster and taller than the grass. We have a huge lawn. No more yellow in my yard. Remember, I love flowers. I have gardens every where and tons of flowers. I do not need anything in my grass. Including dandelions. The only time I consider them a flower is when the kids pick them for me. Has anyone ever heard of dandelion wine? My aunt and uncle use to make it. That meant, all of us kids, adorned with a laundry basket, had to go out into the yard and pick these yellow creatures until the basket was full. They went into a big crock to ferment with oranges and raisins and (I don't really know). I hated it. Now, I dislike them so much, I have to have someone spray to get them out of here.
You will never guess what I got for Mother's Day while sitting out on my deck saying to myself, "sinara suckers...you'll be dead soon and I will have a beautiful GREEN lawn and no weeds!" Die, DIE!!! Please don't judge me, I have issues with these things.
The most beautiful bouquet of pretty flowers I have ever seen.
How could you not love them coming from such a sweet child. So, get the vase and put them in the center of the table to enjoy them ALL DAY LONG. What mother's have to do.. oh boy...They were apparently hiding in the field and of course, he found them
. Only the biggest and the bestest for me!!!

I was to stay in the back yard and not go near the "MANS GARAGE" until I was notified. All the children and the hubby were working on a project for me and I could not see it until they said. Dandelion boy was coming into the back every so often to give me an update on the progress.
(making sure I was enjoying my fresh picked bouquet). "They got one side done and are working on the other side but you can't see yet and I can't tell you what it is", he said.
"Now they got both sides done and are working on the middle" he said. Hummmm....what could it be....two sides and a middle.....
"Now they have to re-do one side but they are almost done" he said.

1 1/2 hours later I was taken into the yard, blindfolded to see my Mother's Day surprise. (very scary considering the girls were now keeping me company and the boys were doing the project and walking me blindfolded) The thoughts were,
"boy, I hope they truly love me and don't think playing a trick on me on Mother's Day is a good idea."
Yup, I am one spoiled mom! This is what I received....

Ok, I must have done something right throughout the last year.

My family knows how much I love being outside near my gardens. Last year I received a gazebo and a three seat swing. This year I received all the additions to my space. The frog birdbath, a little wobbly mushroom my chair seat and a garden rock.

This is my place! This is where I go when I want to "take 5" for myself. I sit and listen to the birds and rock on my swing. Read a book. Do anything I want with no phones, no kids, no hubby, no computer, no cooking, no cleaning, no finding, no searching, no nothing. Just me and nature. I love this place and my family has made it so special for me. It is tucked in between two rows of pine tress and is still a work in progress. The flowers are just starting to peek out of the ground.
I will post an updated photo when it is complete.
My family is AWESOME!
This was yet another Mother's Day I will never forget.

And, like that was not enough, my 18 year old daughter brought me yet another awesome gift!

It will have a beautiful home in my gardens soon.
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and God Bless you All.


  1. Sounds like a good day that you deserved!

  2. Hi there! I'm glad you found me on blog catalog! Thanks for commenting so I could find you! It looks like you had a fabulous Mother's Day! How sweet! What a lovely place you have to go and "Take 5"! It looks like a great place to sit and do some tatting. You asked if tatting is hard to do or just time consuming. It is somewhat difficult to learn, but once you get how to switch or flip the threads to make the basic double stitch then you've got it! It's just the same double stitch over and over.
    Yes, it is time consuming...that's why (if you look around at the other tatting links on my blog) you will see most tatters do small motifs such as a bookmark or a little circular or square motif or heart. Usually motifs can be put on another object such as a card or crazy quilting for an embellishment. Some people frame their tatted art!

    I hope you do take the time to learn it. Let me know if I can point you in the right direction of answer questions.

    Your new tatting friend,
    ~TattingChic :)

  3. Warren, thank you. I think I deserved it. But most of the time, I feel I am just being a wife and mother. Therefore, the reason I need a place to go for "5". I love being a wife and mother. It is actually a joy to have this job. Really, it is.
    Tattingchic, thanks for stopping by and the nice comments. I will be following your blog and maybe learning a new craft. I always love to try something new. Thank you for offering your help. I will need it.

  4. sounds like ya had a good sunday!

  5. Thank you Jel. And thank you for the beautiful picture. That was so nice of you! Have a wonderful day!