Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today I smiled, and all at once

Things didn't look so bad.

Today I shared with someone else,

A bit of hope I had.

Today I sang a little song,

And felt my heart grow light,

And walked a happy little mile,

With not a cloud in sight.

Today I worked with what I had,

Nor longed for any more,

And what had seemed like only weeds,

Were flowers at my door.

Today I loved a little more,

Complained a little less,

And in the giving of myself,

Forgot my weariness.

Grace E Easley

I just love this poem. It makes me feel so happy just reading it. What are some "little things" that make you feel happy?


  1. fuffy clouds , and sunrises :)

  2. Great poem! A quiet night at home with my wife and kids is what makes me most happy.

  3. Small things may make us happy provided we are isolated from the dirty world all around us. But humans started living as social animals and they can't afford now to be in isolation. But still, we have to satify ourself by some thoughts may be the self-bluffing. It pays.

  4. Sorry I am behind on my interactions with you all.
    Jel, that sounds lovely.

    Warren, DITO! (except me would be quiet night at home with hubby and children)

    Ram, it pays to think about the happy things when the world is the way it is!