Friday, May 15, 2009

What's New Today?

This is my "horror scope" for today> too funny. No, I really do not believe in this stuff but I thought it was kind-of weird. I woke up this morning with the strangest feeling. I do not know if it is because it is Friday or if something special is going to happen today. Did you ever get that feeling? You do not know what it is but it makes you feel all energized and excited to start the day? Just thinking something great is coming my way today! (I'll let you know)

You have help from unseen quarters today as your 12th House of Universal Consciousness is strongly activated. Things seem to fall your way and you appear to intuitively know which direction to go. Whether it's angels watching over you, spirit guides sending you clues or just the luck of the draw, don't resist the good news when it arrives. And keep in mind that you may have to set logic aside for now so you can follow your intuition.

But then..........
Reality sets in. If you want to talk about "LUCK", I am not the person to speak to. I have none! Ok, I take that back. I do have's just mostly bad.

You see, I started this "SCHEDULE' so that I could get more done. Silly women! Apparently, children and husbands do not know what that is. To them, all that means is this silly women thinks we will stop bothering her and let her finish "her stuff" and then we will ask for help. Oh no, no, no! This is how, (in my brain) it goes.
*6:00 am. I wake in the morning, (thank God) rush to the coffee pot. (no one talks to me before my first cup and if I could make this last just a bit longer I would but I am a coffee freak!)
*6:05 am: Wait for husband to tell me he is going to work (staying home to annoy me) or needs me to do paperwork, invoicing or find a map or check the weather. He is a self employed cable splicer. We have cable equipment every where. Cable reels (these things are huge), parts, tons of (junk) equipment.
*My schedule says,
*6:00 am: (drink at least two cups of coffee really fast) "check email, read blogs, answer questions (hun, did you see my ____, mom, where did you put ____, baby, do you know where, sweety, can you check the weather for me) from my online friends etc."
*6:15 am: get another cup of coffee
*6:30 am: say goodbye to everyone and take a deep breath and start the (relax, they are all gone, I can sit for 5 min. and not be bothered, find my stash of chocolate) cleaning and the laundry.
*6:35 am: make another pot of coffee.
*8:00 am: Teenagers cell phone calling home from the bus: "mom, I forgot to tell you, the basement flooded again and I tried (not even a little) to clean it up but there is water everywhere. Sorry. Have a nice day."
Me: "That's ok, you did not have time (because you spent the first hour and a half of your morning eating and resting because you were so tired from all that (texting and talking on your cell phone) sleep you got last night) before school. I will take care of it and thanks for telling me. Have a great day."
Spent 2 hours mopping up water from the basement floor.
* 10:00 am: (Drink my 7th cup of coffee and get rid of the chocolate wrappers.) Start working on the latest (phone ringing: mom, I forgot my ____at home and I need it at school (right now) as soon as you can get here) clay project that Cindy showed me yesterday.
* 12:00 pm: Finish the pot of coffee and need to find something healthy (chocolate that I have cleverly hidden somewhere in this house but cannot remember where) for lunch.
*1:00 pm: Check email and decide what to post on my next blog (phone ringing: Baby, I need my _____ it is in the garage, hanging on the north wall between the ____ and the _____. It looks like____. Can you please run it to the job site for me. (I need it right now) whenever you have a minute because I know you are working on your crafts and you are happy doing that and I am behind you 100% and don't want you to give up on them (because you are frustrated that you can never get enough of your stuff done because we won't let you)). You just need to run it to _________ it should only take about an hour to get there and I love you! and work on my crafts.
*3:00 pm: Start to figure out what to have for supper and try to not be down because I have accomplished nothing on my schedule. My crafts were (looked at) started and my email is still (full) being worked on. Looking at the clock trying to figure out how I can accomplish a whole day schedule in 30 minutes before the kids get home and my work will begin again.
*3:15 pm: Found the stash of chocolate, made another pot of coffee and headed out to the gazebo (my take "5" space) to think clearer about supper (to eat the whole bag of Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Fudge Milano Cookies (that were in the cupboard the whole time) (cleverly hidden in the towel drawer. I do all the dishes so they have no use for a towel when they have perfectly good curtains to wipe their dirty hands on) and feel better!
3:30 pm: Here they come, ok, chocolate remnants gone, check, coffee pot empty, check, supper figured out, check.
Children: "Hi mom, how was your day?"
Me: "I had a wonderful day!" (I had a horrible day, what do you think? I spent the entire day doing everything for all of you and you were not even here and still managed to take every minute of my "stay at home job" away from me. I am not a mean person or a horrible mom so I happily do all these things for all of you and not be upset with you one bit because you are all so important to me and I love you all) "How was school?"

Wow, I did not think I was capable of rambling on like that. I am sorry for such a goofy blog today but I think I just needed to vent. I refuse to take these things out on my family. I am a wife and mother first and crafter second. It is what I chose to do. I must live with my decisions. (common, can't they show just a little mercy?) I am truly happy with my life and everything about it. I am very lucky (only sometimes wish to trade them for a new craft room) to have the family I have. far as my "horror scope" yeah right, when pigs fly! We will see.
Oh, and have a wonderful, sunshiny day everyone!


  1. OMG, i love it! Sounds like my day with my ex-husband only we never had kids....Girl, don't know how you do it but keep up the great work!!! love your blog, i will be back...Lisa L.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I do it with lots of chocolate and coffee!!!LOL

  3. You need to pick a coffee sponsor and start making some money here.:) I am now your follower. Good Job!