Friday, May 1, 2009

It is Friday! Did you know....

Just in time for a Saturday cleaning....

Not just for chopsticks!
Do you have a vase or small opening in a jar that you cannot get anything into to clean it?
Put a little rice in the vase/jar (about 1 tbsp) and fill jar 3/4 full of water. Cover the opening with your hand and shake. Walla...clean as a whistle!

I am not what you would call a "tea connoisseur" but I do like tea. This one was hard to do (not drink it) but it works like a charm.
If you have garden tools that are rusty and need a cleaning, brew a couple pots of black tea. Once it has cooled a bit, pour it into a bucket. Put your rusty tools in with the tea and let them sit and soak for a couple of hours. You'll be back to the garden in no time with clean tools!

Now that I have given you something to do...Go on...Get to it!

Terms and conditions:
I will not be held liable for anyone that is now without rice or tea. Please put this on your grocery list as soon as possible. And...Have a happy sunshiny day!

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