Friday, May 29, 2009

How can I top this?

The kids and I made this video last year for my husband for Father's Day. It has proven to be the best gift he has ever received.
One night, he was working. He does splicing for cable tv and has to do night cuts. That means he has to shut down the cable plant (no internet/cable for people during the cut) and switch the cables over. This has to be done in the middle of the night so people are not affected being out of service like during the day. Some people, like to drink at night. They don't take kindly to having the internet or cable tv shut off when the come home drunk at 2:00am. On this night, a guy saw my husband in his backyard with a flashlight and beacons on his truck, cutting the cable and stuck a shotgun out his window and it was pointed at my husbands head. Mike had to call 911 and the guy was arrested. That could have been the end. But God has shown his grace and kept my husband and I together. I made this video prior to that night. When my husband got home that night he played this video over and over again. Another night, he was almost hit head on by a drunk driver. He said it made him feel better watching this video. Knowing how close he had come to losing everything. Knowing that all things were great in his life and he had alot to be thankful for when God saved his life. He said that when he watches it, he realizes how much he is needed by the people in the video. His Family. We could never live without him.

Now tell me, how can I top this???

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