Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello.....I am here!

I do not like that when that happens. I went to post this and only put the title in. Dah...where is the subject?

Here it is!!!
All I wanted to do today was spend the morning writing my blog. I have so much to say but such little time. I had to leave at 8:00 am and drive for an hour and a half to help a friend with their computer. No, I am not a computer geek. I just know stuff. Apparently more than he did. Well, I am thinking a couple of hours and I will be back. Yeah right! Mental note (and I mean mental) to self: Who are you trying to fool? You know it would be a whole day thing. Why would you even set yourself up like that. Thinking you will be back in time to read all your friends blogs, watch Cindy's videos, learn how to make the next coolest thing she has, figure out supper and wait for everyone to get home. Give me a big fat break!
I just got home at 4:45pm. Uggggggg! My whole day is shot. Well, actually not. He paid very well for my time and gas. More money for (clay) family weekend together!
So, now it was a stop at the store to get supper. Hmmmmm. What ever shall I choose? Day before yesterday did not work so well as I completely burnt the chicken that I myself, put on the grill so lovingly for my family to enjoy and went about my lentil making excursion. Oh my gosh? What is that horrible smell? The smoke? Oh no! At that, hubby pulled in the driveway to see the grill in flames. I was almost in tears. He came in and asked, "What's going on here?" I said, "Ummm, you see, I was sweeping the garage floor (yeah that's it) AKA: (playing with my clay) when the grill suddenly burst into flames for no apparent reason (because I was so engrossed with my new talent and I could not put it down). It was too hot for me to do anything and now our supper is ruined. I am so sorry. Do ya know what he said next? He said, "that's ok hunny. It is no big deal. I will just blow out the flames and peel the burnt off and finish cooking it." Oh my gosh. What a guy. And he ate it too! I had Special K with strawberries. I could not believe it. Well, yes I can, he is just that kinda guy.
So anyways, tonight for supper: I found these boneless chicken wings at the store already in little pkgs and brought them home to heat them. (I shall pass these off as home made) Naw, I really could not do that. Then, once their bellies are all full, I shall slink off to the computer and watch some more videos from Cindy. Then I shall proceed to the "craft area of my dining room) and make what I have just learned!
Bottom line is I was to post every day on why I follow everyone on my list. Well I am behind I know, but I will catch up.
Here is number 2:
I follow Cindy Lietz because she ROCKS. Her videos are so easy to learn from. I have (probably not, but it seems like it) all the clay books that are out there. See picture below. I have not learned how to make much from them except for "what the heck it that" items. I have learned more from Cindy and her videos than I have learned from all the books I have. And I am not even done! She has so many videos and tips. I just need need to find someone who sells "time" and I will be an awesome clayer some some day.

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  1. Enjoyed visiting you today. love especially that tailgating story in the older post. ;0

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