Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well now, oh happy day!

You see so many people out there have a website of their very own. How hard can it be right? Well, let me start by saying, "Congrats to those of you listed at the top of the "Golden Google" Pages!" What an accomplishment! How did you do that? How hard was it? Did you have help? Did you have a lot of money to pay someone to tackle this project? Apparently, you are not computer illiterate. Great job!
What is the secret? Shhhhh, I promise I will not tell. (Unless you want me to).
I am just starting out. I have finally graduated from Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook etc. to having my own website. Codes? Who knew? Not me that is for sure. Even the help pages were not much help to someone who could not figure out, "you want me to put this HTML code where? How do I find it? What is it?
Yes, I am taking a class right now and my coach is excellent. He puts everything in a language even I can understand. If you would ask me to create a spreadsheet that could track your cash from page to page and total and subtotal and sort etc., no problem. But, when it comes to those gosh darn codes, please, speak my language.
I will get there and when I do, look out! Yup, that is right. They will change the rules on me again and the new things I have learned will no longer even be taught to a first grader.
I would truly appreciate any comments about my site. Any tips, dah's, etc. Go ahead, be harsh. I do not mind!


  1. hey there,
    thanks for stopping by
    and welcome to blogland :)

  2. Thank you. I am so new to this and do not know what to do first. I really apprecaite you at least saying hello to me. I feel special now. I have to say that you are very funny. I was reading some of your blogs and cracked up. Again, thanks for saying hello!

  3. i try to make people happy ,

    as for what to do , comment on other blogs and let them know you are out there, :)

  4. Hi Klay K, JEL recommended your blog. I'll peek for a while. I was told when I first started (three plus years ago) to write. And to visit other people's blogs, leaving comments there. If those people like what you wrote they will come back. And they do.

    There is a pretty good book out there called 'Blogging for Dummies.' It uses Blogger and knows more than most people know for quite a while at blogging.

    Hope this helps, Dr. Jim.
    BTW, my first blog is unlisted now but you can click on the side bar links, it is JIM'S LITTLE BLOG.